Movie 'Sunny' co-choreographer &Training cast

Yu-Bin “Thank you Sooo much


16 danse Challenge (Singapore)

Step ya game up Waackng side Judge (US)

Ladies of Hiphop whacking side Winner (US)

Summer whacking sharing Judge (Russia)

Line up Waacking side Judge (Korea)

Feel the funk Judge (Korea)

Freestyle Session Waacking side Judge (USA)

Juste Debout school workshop / Juste Debout Judge (France)

KOD grand Final Judge (CHINA)

RF Jam in Singapore workshop and Judge (Singapore


Huawei P20 Commercial (CHINA)

Burberry ‘Use your freedom’ with Baekhyun (Korea)

JD Sports ‘JD WE MOVE’ (Malaysia)

Cartier ‘Justenclou’ Launching Party (Korea)

Vogue Korea Magazine 2017 July (Korea)

W Magazine 2017 may (Korea)

Maps Magazine 2018 June (Korea)

Hermes Launching Party (Korea)

Benz Launching Party (Korea)